Tonight 5-8pm, we’re tasting Beaujolais from the famed 2009 vintage and taking a stand against Beaujolais Nouveau, the gimmicky, non-eco-friendly wine that has destroyed value in one of the great wine regions, the Beaujolais.

The third Thursday in November, official release of Beaujolais Nouveau . . . in France.  Ever stop to wonder how this wine gets here in time to be released in the US the same day?  Heavy glass bottles are packed onto planes and flown here costing money (when you buy a bottle, you’re paying for your wine’s transatlantic flight) and generating unnecessary carbon emissions.  Of course some of it is allowed to go on the boat early now but there are also other reasons to reject beaujolais nouveau other than being green.

Ask any wine merchant worth their salt for an undervalued region and you’re sure to get the answer ‘Beaujolais’.  The public perception of this area as a source of unaged, fresh, fizzy nouveau has all but destroyed Beaujolais’s ability to be taken seriously even though the gamay grape can do wonderous things there.

Still not convinced?  Well smarter folks than us have discussed it here and here.

Vive la resistance!